Use of Incense

The different uses of incense are as diverse as the types of incense. While incense is widely used in religious rituals, aromatherapy, meditation and purification, most people use it for sheer pleasure!

The utilitarian use of incense can be found in the form of mosquito repellents which are manufactured and used in a manner similar to that of incense. Incense is used widely in funeral ceremonies of all religions to mask the odor of the decaying body. Another application of this property of incense of masking other odors can be found at places of pilgrimage and great congregation. For instance, at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, incense is used in part to mask the odor of the many thousands of unwashed and tired pilgrims who walk hundreds of miles to get there.

In incense clocks, different types of incense are calibrated to burn at specific intervals of time. More complex versions are intricately designed and involve bells and gongs to captivate the other senses as well. Incense is used in all major religions as a pathway to the celestials. Being among the first applications of incense, religious rituals continue to be the major consumers of incense.

Incense is most commonly used for pleasure. Incense activates the pleasure centers of the brain and to use an analogy is, “Music for the nose!”

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