In pre-independent India began a fragrant fairytale that is still unfolding....

Sri Sathyanarayana Parimala Factory was founded in 1929 to cater to needs of incense-stick, exclusively for the Royal family of Mysore state.

The incubation of the company began with its founder, Sri. M.V. Narayana Rao (MVN) who was an early pioneer in the Incense sticks industry. Born into a poor Brahmin family in 1892, Sri M.V.Narayana Rao had a very humble and down to earth childhood. His family were the royal priests performing poojas and other rituals at the 'Khas Brindavana' (Royal Samadhi (Tomb)) of the Mysore Royal family –'The wodeyars'.

His initiation into the fragrance industry began around 1913 when he had a chance meeting with Sri. Jaffer Moideen Saheb, knowledgeable person in perfumes and perfumery products. Soon Sri MVN became proficient in the entire perfumery manufacturing and making of perfumery products. Due to his proximity to the royalty he started his own venture as a home industry and through his personal relationship and goodwill with the Mysore Palace, he started his supplies of incense sticks and other perfumery articles in his own brands to the Mysore Royal family and by operating sales through an outlet located close to Jaganmohan Palace. Further he developed; exclusive incense specially crafted for His Highness Maharaja of Mysore to be used in his bedroom and waiting rooms and was aptly named 'Special Durbar' besides him being the recognized as an exclusive supplier of perfumery articles for each and every department related to the royal family of Mysore.

With his extra ordinary incense to the Royal family, his incense also got recognition in Mysore city as well as other royalties from India and dignitaries visiting the Mysore Maharaja and Mysore. This lead to his incense becoming famous in different parts of India making him popularly known as ‘Gandhada Kaddi Narayana Rao’ (Incense Narayana Rao). The company was conferred as "Royal Perfumers".

For Dasara festivities he developed 36 inches long 24 hours glowing facilitating continuous emission of fragrance throughout the length and breadth of Durbar hall (Royal court). This made him the favourite of all princesses throughout India.

Sri M.V. Narayana Rao had a glossary of perfumery products from A to H.

  • A for Special Durbar agarbathy
  • B for Kasthuri Rose Bathi,
  • C for Javaji Kasthuri Bathi
  • D for Mysore Parimala Agarbathy
  • E for Javaji Bathi
  • F for Amber Bathi and so on.

All the incense made by MVN was blends of fragrant herbs, roots, twigs, essential oils, naturals and forest based products. There was also a touch of Mughal perfumery with exotic fragrant variants like Amber Phitna (perfume paste), Aragaja (Javaji paste) and fragrant herbal powders of Musk and saffron.

The next generation made an extensive market survey of the agarbathi industry in the early 70’s and chalked up plans to galvanise the manufacture of incense to suit the modern trend besides the herbal incense. The ‘Special Durbar,’ which was patronised by the Maharaja of Mysore and many other princely states of the time was renamed ‘Aparajita.’ This rebranding was only one of many transformations that occurred when next generation took over the helm of the company with a strong academic background in science and engineering. The modern technologies was brought in to replace the age-old methods of Agarbathy manufacturing were revolutionary. Besides the herbal fragrances, many floral fragrances were developed keeping in mind the changing trends of people’s fragrant needs.

‘MAVANA’ an acronym for the name of our founder M.V. Narayana Rao (MVN) as trade name was coined which is what our brand is known as throughout the world today. Two unique brands, ‘Satya Flora’ and ‘Mavana Mallika has been widely accepted in the incense market. Modern packaging and branding soon took precedence with design and graphics playing a bigger role.

Today, the company has progressed from being a family business to a highly professional one. Under the able leadership of the 3rd generation youngsters with strong professional training in engineering and management, the company has grown leaps and bounds. Our team comprises of the best talent in the perfumery and incense industry. Right from the perfumers for a strong R and D in perfume blending, to full-fledged professional marketing team. We believe that it is our commitment to quality that separates us from the rest. All of our products go through extremely rigorous quality checks and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each incense stick that we manufacture is of the highest quality.

We manufacture incense sticks for both exports and domestic use. We have a strong consumer base in over. With a highly credible fragrant basket of over 250 fragrances, our products are highly sought after. It is believed that the subtle smoke of the incense stick has a soothing and healing effect on the body. It is this principle of healing that forms the basis of modern day aromatherapy. Our incense products are employed by aroma therapists in Europe as tools of healing.

Over the years, we have been patronised by some of the greatest names in the fields of art, literature and music. Our patrons of past and present include Sitar maestro Pandit Ravishankar, George Harrison of the Beatles, Hollywood legend Peter Sellers and many more from all around the world.

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